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Sustained competitive advantage requires a company to outperform competitors on a defined set of corporate core competencies -- activities that customers and shareholders value most. Beating competitors through core competencies requires that those in "key positions"-- roles most critical to executing core competencies -- outperform competitor peers.

For example, when our sales reps are better, in the eyes of the customer, than competitors' reps, we create a competitive advantage. For a pharmaceutical company, competitive advantage is created when our scientists are better than our competitors'.

People may use the phrase, "Competitive advantage through people," but how many really know what that means, how it is measured/managed and how to get from here to there? Our competitors are happy to discuss a portfolio of HR or training programs, but few have a systematic approach for improving customer and shareholder satisfaction through people.

Hall & Company is different. We value results, not programs and activities. We will help your company improve customer and shareholder satisfaction by helping you build a systematic and disciplined approach to measuring, managing, and growing your company’s human capital.


Success is being able to answer the following questions:

Measuring and managing performance on these four is the objective of a Human Capital Strategy.

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